Thursday, June 30, 2005

crime scene

crime scene
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answering my phone, i got the mouse cable caught on my foot and dragged the open laptop face down onto the concrete floor. the corner of the screen popped out of the case. i clicked it back into place and it seems okay now.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


when i was younger we lived in the olden days.
life was a little different then; everyone had to wear big whalebone crinolines. Because architecture was less advanced in those days our house had no rooms, but consisted entirely of long, narrow corridors; if you met someone coming the other way one of you would have to turn back; the crinolines made it impossible for us to get past one another. I once didn't see my sister for three months; we kept bumping into people, and there were a lot of corridors.

the good thing about that time was that ideas of personal responsibility were still in development and we were able to get away with much more; i had myself registered as a company with limited liability for my actions.

Friday, June 24, 2005

like a record, baby...

I was dreaming yesterday when something went terribly wrong and i had to wake up and sit upright. The room was spinning rapidly and i was very disoriented, I realised that i was feeling quite nauseous and wondered very briefly whether i felt ill because of the whirling room or the room was spinning because i was ill. Quickly settling for the latter, i stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom.
yesterday was not very productive.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

architecture, as it is dreamt.

Last night i was in a new museum/bowling alley designed by Frank Gehry. It was all finished in birch ply and the entrance was a two foot high slot with a curved lip that you had to slide down to enter the building; the floor level inside was about four feet lower than outside. As with many of my dream buildings it was evil. Not so much the building itself, but the many works of art and bowling balls inside. Fortunately, my friends and I had brought our psychic kittens; whenever we came across a dubious object we would hold our a kitten at arm's length towards the the thing and if it was evil the kitten would hiss and spit and squirm around trying to escape. It was thus that we avoided the many pitfalls of Gehry's museum [& bowling alley] of evil.

Yesterday I went to the library and borrowed 5 books, when i got home I had 4. A bit of a worry. The library and I have had a turbulent relationship; we were just starting to become friends again. This may set us back on non-speaking terms. I hope I left the book on the counter as i packed my bag. not on the ground in the rain.

oh well.

sydney tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


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been staying up late.

Monday, June 13, 2005

apres le deluge [encore]

nous sommes tres 'wet' .
i hear that the drought has broken; it certainly broke on me as I tried to get home.
i may catch my death of cold.
i may buy mudguards

I think we may have made the Queens Birthday Dishonours list again.
I went to paul's birthday party and improvised cocktails until the early morning. i decided to name them after celebrities. we started with the Don Johnson, had the Sadie Frost [bitter and full of gin...] and ended on Frances O'Connor. At about three i went home and changed into my casino suit and went off to Mechanoid. As i headed home thin rations of winter-issue sunlight were being spread over the higher tree branches, making them glow pale-orange against the slate blue clouds.
I woke to find the day had been stolen and all that was left was a bit of end of the world gloom before sunset.
I went to cass, emma and claire's house for roast chicken.
An organic chicken that, despite its priviledged upbringing, had tired of life and asked to be eaten.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

a toast to her majesty

vodka, lychee juice, soda, lime.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

creeping death

my room is now 5% tidy. analysts are expecting simon's room tidying to be one of the growth industries of the next few days.
i read a bryce courtenay book today 'solomon's song'. sort of bad, gratuitously protagonisty protagonists, decrying the sort of heroic boys own stuff that lured men off to war, but at the same time indulging in some of the same narrative ploys- unreasonably skilled hero despatching the enemy, colourful and exotic characters. i had fun reading it in spite of the general pot-boileryness.
the reason i waqs reading it in the first place was that i have read nearly all the books that i own and this one turned up under some heap that i was excavating in my room.

Friday, June 10, 2005


yes, I've been out at openings again, drinking free wine and eating party pies and party quiches. I've never really thought of quiche as being particularly party oriented, but these ones were out doing their best. I didn't manage to embarrass myself too much so i may have to keep going out.
the road to good living via room tidying continues apace,

a kind of slow pace, but still, there are thickets of nostalgia to hack through, and swamps of ambiguous objects in which i become enmired; is that thing useful? yes in the sense that i can see uses for it, no in that i can't see me using it ever. maybe i might. it seems a shame to throw it away....etc.

i will free myself from the tyranny of objects.


back in victorian times the clery scoffed at the idea of fossils being animals that had died, and then been covered in layers of sediment before their bodies disintegrated. This is because they were 150 years too early to witness the horror that is my room. In the layers of clothing you can date things from the goth/post-goth eras. radio carbon dating is unnecessary as the unopened bank statements and exhibition flyers can date the last wearing of a garment to within a few weeks. in the deeper levels you may come across scattered evidence of styles that were too silly to survive.

i am once again trying the [semi] ruthless purge of unnecessary items.
Today i saw a job that would suit me a bit; standing around doing nothing for $18 phr.
please don't touch the art; it's very fragile/badly constructed/pointless.

Izzy has come to visit from sydney and is staying here; she wore my foolish furry hat out tonight and thus provided a little more justification for its somewhat neglected existence.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

this is your captain speaking

last night i got a call on my mobile and the screen read "your god calling". I answered and a girl with a london-australian accent said;
hi Simon, what are you up to?
oh, not a lot, just kind of hanging around...what about you?
yeah, just trying to save money for my ticket back to london...

It might seem a pretty banal conversation to have with one's god, but if they have to save money to get back to london rather than being omnipresent and just manifesting back there as a swan or burning bush, then they're probably not much chop anyway...


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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

how i learnt to love the bomb

last night in the middle of another middle east crisis, I struggled to hurry a bumbling president bush into airforce one, so that i could launch a nuclear strike on the persian gulf. I had turned the special keys and started the countdown, and if the president didn't get moving, the ICBMs under the white house lawn would cook him as they took off.

I didn't seem to worry about the intended targets.
I had a job to do.

Monday, June 06, 2005

sniff, sniff

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i have a cold.

Friday, June 03, 2005

you wont be seeing rainbows anymore...

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I spent all day cutting out little bits of perspex to make badges.

they are in demand, which is cool as that is my only source of income at the moment.
i got some cool ivory coloured perspex yesterday; it looks like white chocolate.

kate is very busy and stressed out.

I need a job, i applied for a contract animating botanical illusrations for an NGV show, but i doubt that they would even consider me. the paper doesn't have much in it. i think that it is resume time...