Wednesday, June 15, 2005

architecture, as it is dreamt.

Last night i was in a new museum/bowling alley designed by Frank Gehry. It was all finished in birch ply and the entrance was a two foot high slot with a curved lip that you had to slide down to enter the building; the floor level inside was about four feet lower than outside. As with many of my dream buildings it was evil. Not so much the building itself, but the many works of art and bowling balls inside. Fortunately, my friends and I had brought our psychic kittens; whenever we came across a dubious object we would hold our a kitten at arm's length towards the the thing and if it was evil the kitten would hiss and spit and squirm around trying to escape. It was thus that we avoided the many pitfalls of Gehry's museum [& bowling alley] of evil.

Yesterday I went to the library and borrowed 5 books, when i got home I had 4. A bit of a worry. The library and I have had a turbulent relationship; we were just starting to become friends again. This may set us back on non-speaking terms. I hope I left the book on the counter as i packed my bag. not on the ground in the rain.

oh well.

sydney tomorrow...


Blogger hell said...

cocktails after celebrities.
the shapelle corby featured at ours. and the susie wong.

10:13 AM  
Blogger jeanniepolson said...

could i borrow one of those kittens for my stats test? i have a strong feeling that a lot of what is arrayed on my table is 'evil'.

i am not offended that you consider me not useful in the way vegetables are. its true. im not at all useful, though often used.

12:31 PM  

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