Monday, June 13, 2005

apres le deluge [encore]

nous sommes tres 'wet' .
i hear that the drought has broken; it certainly broke on me as I tried to get home.
i may catch my death of cold.
i may buy mudguards

I think we may have made the Queens Birthday Dishonours list again.
I went to paul's birthday party and improvised cocktails until the early morning. i decided to name them after celebrities. we started with the Don Johnson, had the Sadie Frost [bitter and full of gin...] and ended on Frances O'Connor. At about three i went home and changed into my casino suit and went off to Mechanoid. As i headed home thin rations of winter-issue sunlight were being spread over the higher tree branches, making them glow pale-orange against the slate blue clouds.
I woke to find the day had been stolen and all that was left was a bit of end of the world gloom before sunset.
I went to cass, emma and claire's house for roast chicken.
An organic chicken that, despite its priviledged upbringing, had tired of life and asked to be eaten.


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