Friday, June 10, 2005


back in victorian times the clery scoffed at the idea of fossils being animals that had died, and then been covered in layers of sediment before their bodies disintegrated. This is because they were 150 years too early to witness the horror that is my room. In the layers of clothing you can date things from the goth/post-goth eras. radio carbon dating is unnecessary as the unopened bank statements and exhibition flyers can date the last wearing of a garment to within a few weeks. in the deeper levels you may come across scattered evidence of styles that were too silly to survive.

i am once again trying the [semi] ruthless purge of unnecessary items.
Today i saw a job that would suit me a bit; standing around doing nothing for $18 phr.
please don't touch the art; it's very fragile/badly constructed/pointless.

Izzy has come to visit from sydney and is staying here; she wore my foolish furry hat out tonight and thus provided a little more justification for its somewhat neglected existence.


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