Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I've been footnote-ing like there's no tomorrow and today needs proper referencing1. Actually the sort of footnotes I would do if there were no tomorrow? i'd probably decide that it was a waste of time. go to the beach, maybe curl up in a ball and close my eyes, go to the offy, perhaps.

there was a tomorrow and it involved the handing in of the final essay [
woo]. that's why there have been no words here, they were all drafted to essential duties in the service of art history; unfortunately, like most conscripts, they were a scruffy undisciplined bunch and were just as incoherent as they are in the blog.
Now that that's over I've got to get back to a bit of worshipping Mammon, flagrantly prostituting my talent; it thinks it can just lie around all day watching judge judy and being all conceptual? I think not - get out there and debase yourself, y' lazy good fer nuthin dawg.

1Just like this,
Little Nemo, Twinkletoes, Melbourne, 2005, p1