Sunday, August 26, 2007

neither shaken nor stirred

I tried to post on here a while ago but no success.
I have been drinking martinis with Japanese product designers and making animations for experimenta. we went out to New Gold Mountain; the very red and tiny bar above double happiness.
While we were drinking I had a entertainingly Jeeves and Wooster exchange with the cocktail waiter-
I had a sore throat and thought perhaps something theraputically hot might help-
excuse me, do you have chilli vodka?
I think I might try a chilli vodka martini.
following this there was a longish pause where the waiter hesitated and inclined his head to one side. I asked-
Is that a heretical suggestion for a martini?
The martini is entirely at the customer's discretion.
You say that in the same way someone might say "You can wear that lime-green sports coat if you wish, sir- it is entirely at your discretion."
Well...two shots of chilli vodka; its going to burn more than a vindaloo... If I might suggest a different drink...
I decided, at my discretion, to try his more orthodox suggestion.

It was good to find out from the Japanese that they design all their products by hand, carving models before anything gets computer modelled; "how can you tell what something is going to feel like to use if you don't make a model- it might look ok but when you pick it up it feels wrong"

I have just finished a week of installing art at the blackbox at the arts centre and never want to see another interactive projection ever again.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

hello chaps
now that I have a desk job there should be more of this nonsense.
or I might be on facebook.
in the meantime look what i have been making: