Tuesday, September 27, 2005

trouble every day

Dell got back to melbourne. Annie had a having a baby party. We ate roast beast and seafood paella and vodka. Some people played an incomprehensible swedish game that involved throwing bits of wood at other bits of wood. We hit the pinata. Some of us fell over.

I've been reading lots of books lately, i feel a bit like christmas time; kind of dulled and over full as i digest all those words.

I'm trying to write an essay again; french symbolist artists; possibly the most painful, pretentious artists of the 19th century; probably why they are so popular with goths. Why are the french so obsessed with disembodied heads? answer in 3000 words with reference to silly french art.

I went to the library, the big one way downtown. I sat and looked at books, I sweltered in the heat, i was reading about the raft of the medusa, people lost at sea off the coast of africa, I started to sympathise with them. i don't know why libraries are always so hot; how is your brain supposed to work properly when it is being cooked? That's why there are always people asleep at the study desks; they've passed out from the heat.

Friday, September 23, 2005

my new gay bike

rueben said, "dude, your bike's pretty gay."
i said. "yeah."
it's like riding an armchair around.
josephine says it's like the bikes that all the mexican boys ride.
oops, just insulted a whole nation and their gay bikes, better watch out.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Originally uploaded by little nemo in slumberland.
but messy

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


the other night i found my great-uncle's camera, it looked much like an ordinary camera; black and scuffed around the edges, but for a couple of odd features; in places it was inlaid with mother of pearl plates, which were engraved with arabic writing, it also could take pictures of the past.
As the shutter clicked you would get a glimpse of a scene that occured in the same place maybe ten years ago, perhaps forty. Strange figures would appear in the lens, furniture would be moved or replaced with something older. There was no way to tell which slice of the past the camera would pull into sight.