Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

golden age

spent half the day looking a crappy flats.

but that's ok because it's 6 o'clock and the setting sun shines across the city and hits the big gold brick that is the hyatt and then bounces back, filling the studio with a golden nostalgic glow.

for about ten minutes.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

do you feel like going to the library?

the studio is full of moths; like there is a little moon here that only they can see. I have been looking in the times atlas of the world, it is very soothing; the maps are so big and detailed; they make the world seem large and interesting.
today's forecast
mild energy and motivation in the morning followed by lethargy and yawning by afternoon.


Today a man on a bicycle asked me for a dollar to catch the tram. I didn't give him money, but I also failed to ask why he needed a tram fare when he had a perfectly good bicycle. Perhaps that is just his usual line and he had forgotten that he was on the bike.

Anyway my little age counter is going to click over again and so I've decided to have a party to make myself feel much older the next day. The theme is UNIFORM + drinking and dancing. it is going to be on the 28th of October; you should come, even you Kreutzbergers.

Monday, October 02, 2006

grand final

watched a bit of it; they are pretty good at catching and kicking, those footballers. I spent more time attending to the more fruitful pursuits of cooking kangaroo, playing with sailor and playing kubb, an obscure swedish game involving lumps of wood being hurled at other lumps of wood. Rachael and I were undefeated champions- go team us!

Earlier in the day Kate and I went on the increasingly depressing search for a house; we went to a couple of open for inspections and saw the hordes of desperate house-hunters wandering around skanky and expensive houses. I visited two houses where the bathroom cabinets were on the floor because the walls were too flimsy to support them and a house that they could surely only offer for short term lease because it is not likely to remain standing for more than a month. staying put is looking more and more appealing. We ran into Serena later in the day and were told tales of people offering a year's rent in advance; she could only offer 3 months, and all sorts of other shady outbidding and shmoozing. Desperate times, it seems.