Sunday, October 15, 2006


Today a man on a bicycle asked me for a dollar to catch the tram. I didn't give him money, but I also failed to ask why he needed a tram fare when he had a perfectly good bicycle. Perhaps that is just his usual line and he had forgotten that he was on the bike.

Anyway my little age counter is going to click over again and so I've decided to have a party to make myself feel much older the next day. The theme is UNIFORM + drinking and dancing. it is going to be on the 28th of October; you should come, even you Kreutzbergers.


Blogger greenasenvy said...

and us kreuzbergers shall. i will dress up as eva braun (this is something germans aren't supposed to say or write because other germans find it extremely tasteless but i write it anyway because she was the first to come to mind thinking of uniforms - apart from her fescher lover of course but i did not want to show up as adolf no way -) and will end up kissing ra as she will be wearing the black strappy number she wore at the black and white party (remember jörg the orthopdedic and his wife steffi the graphic designer? they made a child that night...) or else i will sit on the roof with bernadette who will probably dress up as a ups delivery boy and we will look down on all those hats and caps. also, something i will very surely do on october 28 is drink with kathleen and admire her cheekbones and her cackle. content as a fat hen i will sit in my brown scratchy woollen self in the living room watching simon who will very surely wear something general-like and pretend to be a dj.

can i bring a friend?

2:51 AM  

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