Thursday, January 20, 2005

three and three quarter stars

just booked hotel for kate and i on internet for next weekend, hope it works. should be fun. if kate still likes me. or even recognises me...

went to the antica ciocciolata cafe with susan at the end of our after work shopping foray, got a couple of little cakey slice things;
susan, with first bite of cake in mouth; "pfwargh! holy shit, these things are fucking brilliant!"
they made us happy...
bought shoes, got new grown-up looking seiko watch, saw super-parka; amazing furry hood the size of iceland, $800 on sale though...tempting..

broadband internet on tomorrow, so more efficient blog and correspondence pix etc.

went to less love, cool.
best sushi and sashimi i've ever had (not had much) at sushimitei; susan say as good as tokyo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i found a connection that mayby one of your friends (unfortunatly i dont have a name)my friend justin (from the black cat)though was telling me of his friend who is working on props for the film ghost writer or rider? who was over working on the casino in makao but came back because of scary oh&s hes a clay animator by trade and has another friend still working on the casino as a sculptor who is female but thats all the info i have sorry but you could try and do some detective work mayby? saw lemony snikit crap appart from design which made the whole experience worth while amazing credits! do you know an animator called colin brady? he did them and a favorite designer of mine Colleen Atwood did the costumes. Saw a really good exhibition today of etchings based around the grotesque. When r u coming home again I miss you Jemila

3:28 PM  

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