Thursday, December 23, 2004

game of death II

ow. nasty shock from broken ext. cord power board. sore arm.

The extension cords keep getting run over by trolleys loaded with cement bags, wheelbarrows etc. and so are not the healthiest cords in the world. The other day we heard a funny popping sound and found one arcing into a puddle.

my washing machine has similar lethal intentions; I got two shocks from it on friday, no-one here seems to understand what that spare green and yellow wire is for, it's always just left hanging out of the plug. Maybe everyone gets tired of their dangerous appliances shorting out the power all the time. I have taken to unplugging the machine (the plug sockets here don't have switches, just power waiting to escape) loading the machine, letting it go through its interminably long washing cycle, making jet take-off noises and then jet unfortunate mid-air event noises, then unplugging again to retrieve laundry. safe, but tedious...


Blogger hell said...

its very early christmas morning and i've had the best night with kaden and paul. at home..;. chillin, i'd love to give you a hug right now, so consider it done...

love, , so do you reckon you could get me sone work early feb?
i'm so visiting but reckon i could bwe useful too... no tenniws wifey for nme...

hows that fucken hooper slut..

just being antagonistic trying to get her to comment on my blog, give it up hoops. hoOPER I HAVE A PAir of lighting bOltE undies HOT ASTUFF.... SOooooooo NOT USING SPELL CHECK TONIGHT...
LOVE AND XMAS, Hooper i have the best pair of lightining bolt undies for you... you are aficially a member of the "lightning ladies".. hot chicks.... kisss kiss... don't you miss my peachy face??? gicve it up....tell ity to me, i need attention..

at 5:30 xmas morning....i heart you all.

2:17 AM  
Blogger hell said...

did you get that?

2:18 AM  
Blogger hell said...


2:20 AM  
Blogger rhymes with pony said...

i hope you survive simon, mb a new washing machine would be a wiser investment at this point than all digital skullduggery. their is a big wave heading for macau and it is going to hit in three hours. just thought i would let you know. love

6:17 AM  

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