Tuesday, December 07, 2004

sha la la

went back to sha la la the other night, and once more failed to explore their extensive toast menu. We did enjoy more customer service than we are accustomed to; there was always a small flock of waiters hovering near
the table; whenever we glanced around to see if another of our friends had arrived, they would swoop in to see what we might need. The leader of the group also brazenly tried pass fried cuttlefish balls off as black pepper eggplant;
mgoi (excuse me).
we ordered the black pepper eggplant. (point at menu)
mm... (frowns, picks up menu and examines as though it were a foreign document; scrutinises fried cuttlefish ball.) yes; this is the eggplant.
no it isn't. could it be the cuttlefish ball instead? (pointing at the item below the eggplant)
(the frown deepens. he pauses and then walks off with the menu)
some minutes pass.
I'm sorry. I made mistake.
a far more eggplanty thing arrives.
we go to casablanca and get drunk.
slight headache.


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