Wednesday, November 24, 2004

ground daily

started at 8 this morning; it makes the working day look a little longer, although we did finish at 8, which wasn't too bad. there aren't many interesting things that i can say about carving dadoes out of cement (Daddos on the other hand...) i did dream about wanting to kill Jude Law, which almost counts as a celebrity sighting. I am suffering due to the lack of books to read. The ladies No1 detective agency is doing the rounds, going to see if we can get the others in the series. I think i might get the last harry potter book. trashy, but i have read the others and the Elite bookshop is pretty much only King, Clancy and Grisham, gold-embossed titans of the publishing world...

miss match is on pearl tv tomorrow; hotshot hollywood divorce lawyer and part time match maker...Rachael has sucked me in..
might buy a sewing machine.
might not
feel free to visit; sundays are good for me.

ps. don't try the milk tea with coconut drink- like shampoo; blech.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi again, it's your maternal person here - No 1 LDA I greatly enjoyed as well as others in the series; only thing that slightly concerned me is that the author is a late-middle aged Scottish male, and may be a bit whitewashy in his depiction of Botswana. on the other hand, I do like the characters and also the stories. He has a new series set in Edinburgh a bit of which he read on the radio - I laughed aloud. You could try getting books thru Amazon - shouldn't think it'd be too dear. Still waiting for Garth Nix to come out with Wednesday and Isabel Carmody to get on with darkwhatever comes next. Castlemaine library is good for new releases, surprisingly, including new Diana Wynne Jones short stories (ok but not worth buying) Reading "Madness explained" at present - so far it hasn't been. Sun shining, hot, more beans to pod. Bye.

3:11 PM  
Blogger rhymes with pony said...

sorry to break it to you

1:32 AM  
Blogger dell said...

hi simon you big whitey bear you... i miss you. when is chinese new year? when shall i come?

i'm reading stasiland in preparation for berlin. or something, is good. yas. had 7th proposal meeting this arve. picnic on the banks of the river. long but interesting. hmmm. art.

we re having our party this saturday. think of us. no 1. ladies house party. big hug.

5:59 PM  
Blogger little nemo said...

oh, ronan, what will i tell rachael. hopefully the episodes are sufficiently far behind to last till the end of macau time

12:13 AM  

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