Tuesday, November 16, 2004

true crime

The police here are somewhat profligate with their police tape; today i saw some strung between a tree and a light pole on the pavement, it said police line do not cross, but didn't actually enclose anything; it ran down the centre of the pavement, you had to walk one side or the other. The only way you could cross it was if you pretended you were in a marathon and just ran through it . further down the street there were barriers and tape keeping people from getting too close to a blank wall. Apparently there is not as much crime here as in the late 90's, when the triads were firebombing eachother's cars and generally being troublesome.

i almost bought a set of prints from the cultural centre shop "ten splendid dogs" they were nice looking dogs, like handsome versions of santa's little helper. $150mop though.

went to the art gallery, in the cultural centre, typical 21st C. euro cultural architecture; feels a bit like being in fed square, or the ngv. nice enough. Art not so good, except for beautiful kinetic sculptures by a japanese artist that may live in macau. flower that waves petals up and down randomly, petals finely balanced on pivots with magnets on the ends pointing to the centre, on the stem in the centre two other magnets swinging in circles, the repulsion of the stem magnets meeting the petal magnets pushing the petals up and down. hard to explain but quite hypnotic.

internet bank works. soon give $ back to the poor (kate, andie, parents) from the slightly richer than before (me)


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