Thursday, November 11, 2004

the horror, the horror,

not really that bad but writing an essay (art and the body) with no reference materials and only my vague memory of the art works, is odd to say the least. I do have Deleuze and Guattari's Mille Plateaux, so if i am cunning, somewhere in that dense theory i can find something to relate to the subject of people making plastic models of people... since ronan has started working at Mme Tussaud's I've got a nice segue from the anecdotal into the historical, looking at the the grotesque; chamber of horrors, from there going to Duane Hansen with his 70's life size figures of fat American tourists, then Ron Mueck, Giant pregnant woman, dead dad etc, jake and dinos chapman, maybe Damian Hirst's Hymn, 10m tall sculpure of one of those anatomical model torsos you see in every high school science room. any suggestions?

going to try to get a new flat - more people are coming, so they might put some other unfortunate in there.

got to get my internet banking happening.

post more when i have time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bear up, old chap and remember that anything is better than nothing, do not be halted by the apparently insuperable obstacles like lack of references, ideas, inspiration etc. I'm sure there's enough lurking round the neurons and the synaptical interstices to assemble something passable and passable is really all you need. I'll send psychic waves of assistance (much use they'll be!). Love anyway, yr mum

4:40 PM  
Blogger hell said...

hi simon, i'm jumping on the bandwagon, better late than never.. dell.. you good? essay

7:03 PM  

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