Wednesday, November 03, 2004

capitalist running dogs...

went to dumplingtown today; there was a surprising lack of salty pig in our meal. v good though. The painters came in today and cursed our work; our finishes weren't smooth enough; they should have made this clear before we started, really if they wanted everything prefectly smooth, we should have been moulding in clay and casting in resin or plaster and then sticking the panels to the wall- easier for us and better for the painters. Lack of communication and planning that seems least they pay us...

we have been working nine to ten hour days and as they want the casino open for new year, it looks like seven day working weeks for us. double time on sundays at least (about $63 aud per hour)...
watched the workers haul huge car-sized air con units up to the third floor using ropes and a chain block. Everthing is being done at once; there are people putting the finishes on the foyer ceiling and counters while the rest of the room is rubble and bamboo scaffolding, and elsewhere they are spraying cement on the walls and putting in ducting. they had to smash off some of the masonry corners around a mural to maneuver an air-con fan unit though the room. Its all very chaotic; the power goes out every couple of hours and looking at the extension cord arrangements I'm not really surprised; the HK plugs are ok; the same as british ones but the sockets on the cords for the macau plugs are designed so that the earth pin just hangs uselessly over the edge of the socket, what with the puddles everywhere it's a bit of a worry...maudie's only had one electric shock so far; pulling a live wire out of a wall she was working on. nothing on this site so far.

getting the hang of the work, having fun, getting tired, cracking the shits. shops are open late, so at least although we finish at 6:30-9:00, there is still life on the streets.

next: beautiful neon and russian prostitutes.


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