Monday, November 01, 2004

work is hell

that's probably a little excessive, I'm working in a 15 story building clad entirely in bamboo scaffolding and shadecloth. We are constantly getting lost because the builders keep putting up new curvy walls all over the place, and stealing bits of floor, there are two working toilets in the building that we know of, most of the workers just piss in dark corners. While we busily carve cement, the chinese workers thread cabling overhead, make holes in the walls, eye off our tools, chat, sing and spit copiously. About a quarter of the workforce are women; v. different from Australian Blg site. The workers we are around, mostly the masons, are pretty friendly, but sometimes they have long conversations while watching us work, and i wonder what they are saying...


Blogger rhymes with pony said...

they are saying 'repent, repent'

7:33 PM  
Blogger rhymes with pony said...

or mb /whatevs/

9:35 PM  

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