Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I have been mooching and feeling lonely. inevitable really, missing my closest now so far away. I mooched up to the largo do senado, ordered a moochy book; beautiful solitude, at pin-to books, found soft toys of the catbus and totoro in a shop, cheered up momentarily before sinking into deeper mooch and went home and read harry potter (not much choice at elite bookshop) unfurled new cotton sheet (i have had a month of poly-cotton nightmares) saw that it said love all over it. sighed. slept.

i have accrued 55.5 hours of overtime in the last four weeks; that's more than a week of extra work stuck on to the end of my days; one week i managed 24 extra hours inc. 3 thirteen hour days . The other day Rachael and I got to go home after only 8 hours work, it was still light outside; we were running out of the building and laughing, it felt like a holiday. On the other hand, with the sunday i've just worked i will get about $2800 aud extra this month, so i can pay everyone back and get myself a present without feeling spendthrifty.

a client came through and looked at one of the private rooms (moulin rouge theme) and took offence to the can-can girls; bad feng shui; the client was Thai and they did not want any representation of women esp. not indecorous ones. theme changed. two days of annoying carving wasted, a month of design in the bin. deadline three weeks away. people a wee bit stressed...

Rachael has been poached by the painters, who are desperately short-staffed. Dave, head painter, has seen some of her work and knows that she can paint things, as well, of course being charmed by her winning personality... I will miss working with her, she, on the other hand may be relieved...

I am recovering from three days of carving psychedelic swirls. I'm back carving figures tomorrow, more demanding but less tedious; we have done about 50 metres of swirls. mb new flat soon.

mobile phone works. cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What exactly are you building there? A brothel?

9:54 AM  
Blogger little nemo said...

carnival du monde
VIP rooms
the venetian room
the rio room
the dragon room
the caribbean room
and the was moulin rouge, now magic show room

11:16 PM  

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