Friday, December 10, 2004

specific gravity

I've been catching a few lifts lately, here in radiant city, and I've noticed a certain disparity between the estimated average weight of lift passengers. I first became aware of it catching the lift to the sandersons office; the lift complained of overloading when there were fewer than the maximum no. of people allowable (11), but then i looked at the total loading (750kg) and worked out that these 11 hypothetical people must only weigh 68kg each- i was taking up the weight of 1 & 1/4 ideal lift passengers, and there must have been others bringing excess baggage also. obviously hitachi had not reckoned with heavy whiteys weaseling their way into their asian region lifts. the schindler lift in my building offers to carry 10 80kg people, and jon's otis lift will take the same number of people at a slimmer 75kg each. It doesn't matter which lift i catch I'm never under the ideal weight.

i have decided (87% probability) to buy an apple powerbook laptop; its about $650 aud cheaper than buying in oz and if i get the 40 Gb ipod photo for an extra $170 aud i save about $1280 on the australian list price, then perhaps i can make a flog (flashblog) (copyright ronan) and have some animation.


Blogger wolfgang & vincent said...

hi macewan,
nice work on the numbers (yawn). do they have any books on roger dean in your art shop? i am looking for one...
hope you are well, babs seems empty without you brooding over the cake cabinet.
take care, love, vittoria xx

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should just jump up and down a lot while lift travelling then at least you'ss sometimes be under the weight limit. Nice to hear from you even if the communication was a little ship-to shoreish. No christmas cards written, no tree bought - no tree to buy - remember the branch? I may yet be reduced to that again. No entrancing news from here, just too much eating and business, both with new and with old colleagues. Hedges are growing at an alarming pace, due to warm and wet weather - better not indulge in any spindle fiddling, or we might never see you again - though a nice long rest sound OK. Drivel stops here. Love.

7:46 PM  

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