Sunday, January 16, 2005

south of the border

west of the sun... just read the haruki murakami book of that name, existential love story, good but bleak, but perhaps not as bleak as sartre's nausea, mb that book is doing you no good, ronan; to much intensity and hunting for that stripped back raw existential reality, not enough amusing hypocritical frivolity.
There's plenty of existence but less love here; there is actually a bar called less love, susan and lisa found it and then lost it and then rediscovered it but it was closed... very poetic really

Things are a wee bit windswept and wintery here, sun low in the sky, pale winter sunlight diffused through the smog that drifts in from factories of Zhuhai. The bitey wind blowing in from wherever, biting... that sort of thing. I almost bought a parka the other day, an ok "i can see myself in the wintery streets of some cold but culturally inspiring and fun european city" sort of coat (perhaps i have too much invested in the coat...) however, as i crossed the street to get a second opinion , a woman came up and bought it for her son who obviously didn't, and would never ever fit into it (in cantonese- "you'll grow into it.") bastard coat weasels.. anyway, i'm sure there will be another one.

things are not really all that bleak, kate arrives on the 28th and DJ krush is playing at club ing on the 29th so i will get some leave and spend a few days in HK with her (wooing) shopping (at goods of desire, perhaps) and looking....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was going to read marukami's new book about tokyo...theres a coincidence. yes you are right i think that satre is enuf to doing anyones head never mind someone who already thinks in such a fanatically tedious way. dreamt about you last night you had finished your work in japan and had all sorts of gadgets including a wierd ipod that doubled as a cheap hongkong cigarette case. ronan

7:00 PM  
Blogger little nemo said...

funny you should mention it, but was just looking at cheap hong kong cigarette cases... and i dreamt that i got a job operating some weird multi-robot armed industrial machine on a barge on the thames... spooky

12:07 AM  

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