Tuesday, January 11, 2005

out from out where...

The strange thing about extreme situations is how quickly they become normal; by the end of the golden dragon job it began to feel odd if our working day didn't last at least 14 hours. we are now working eight hours a day; we finish during daylight and have time in which to pursue leisure activities, i played basketball with suwan and susan and the went to the cinema and saw kung fu hustle (stephen chow; v.funny). The trouble with all this time is that i then have time to be aware of my situation; stuck in a country smaller than ballarat missing my friends, working in strange soulless environments, I find that i finish work and wonder what to do...no wonder the people that stay for a long time become a little odd...

i have copied most of my music onto the ipod now, so my alienation has a soundtrack. it's nice, it makes everything seem less meaningless. the shuffle function is cool, like having the perfect radio station; odd songs pop up out of context. i have been enjoying naming music categories, since the itunes ones (pop, rock etc.) are so inadequate, i've, now got melancholy, with guitars, blip/click and icelandic as well as others more obscure. I now have a 2 1/2 days of music on a thing the size of half a slice of (thick) toast

bought lullatone "little songs about raindrops" cute and xylophonic. it may cheer me up. perhaps i should look at squirrels. i have my camera now so i will try to post some photos, mb even of squirrels, on the blog


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