Tuesday, January 11, 2005

pie in the sky

we had the sanderson's annual appreciation dinner the other night, usually it is the christmas dinner, but everyone was a little busy then. The dinner was held in the 26th floor revolving restaurant of the hotel grandeur. tasty food, some interesting people, very loud karaoke. I played mahjong and learnt various useful things, such as the meanings of some of the characters and how to pronounce the names of the pieces.

some people fared better than others in the alcohol consumption stakes..
rachael rang me at 12:15 ; "simon, I'm at home, but i think maybe i should go to Bex (bar)...just for a little while..."
"I think you should go to sleep. I'm already in bed, i was just about to turn off the light ..."
"how did you get home and in bed so quickly? alright,.. maybe i'll stay in"
the next day Earl, one of the painters, rang rachael at work
"rach? I'm in china somewhere...I'm so drunk....oh, rach, I owe ya one..i don't know what happened"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thought your blog looked a bit comment deficient so I'll attach a little burble to this one. Hope all the job issues resolve themselves, and your abilities are recognised. all well here, Jem off to the beach and I am cowering away from the heat. No astonishing news, but then it is January. Glad you avoided the depths of depravity and getting a headache. Pics would be good - we should send some of ours. M

11:48 AM  
Blogger wolfgang & vincent said...

hey simon,
hope you are wearing a mask. working very hard. visit me soon :)

8:17 AM  

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