Wednesday, August 24, 2005

my personal triumph over adversity and what i learned from this

i have worked out the optics for the periscope in a pleasingly simple manner, and i asked my friendly acrylic dealer about glue and he said "use this stuff.", i said "cool."

thus i have more time to listen to that whistling sound that is the wind blowing over the arid existential planes of my empty life. Tumbleweeds of regret roll past mournfully and every now and then i stumble across the ruins of some folly from my younger days, the gothic ones are the worst; so grandiose, so 90's...

maybe my life has become dull and pleasant; all i have to talk about is glue and devices, and things that i have been making; I'm making cherry and plum blossom brooches for spring; little perspex branches with little perspex flowers. Soon life will be full of drama as I wrestle with the world of chutney and pickles, susan and i are supposed to play at shops tomorrow.

I've been having baroque dreams, plots so entangled they could keep a soap opera supplied for years. the last thing i remember is asking someone about the intense noise;
"that," they said, "is the howling of a thousand wolves"


Blogger hell said...

that, they said is dell whistling the theme from shortland street.
dull pleasant life makes for more making maybe? in between bouts of exitement and adventure of course. i am a lady of extremes. the reason i fit in so well here. NZ extreme!

shops & chutney & pretty spring brooches. & this post. all sweet.

11:10 AM  

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