Friday, July 15, 2005

call of the orient

jonny is on his way back to macau, susan wants to too, i'm kind of tempted, but have a lot of things going on here that maybe i shouldn't leave, so it might be good if they don't ask me. I'm enjoying making stuff and a liking getting more serious about it, the thing that pleases me about jewelling as opposed to art is that if you have a good idea you can keep repeating it as long as people want it and it's fine to make stuff that is just pretty and nothing else. i went out and found myself press-ganged onto the pirate ship of drunkeness again; boarding gallery openings, looting the dumpling house, dancing jigs to motown soul at cherry. All like a bad headachy dream this morning. I gave kate her polar bear today, she was happy, we walked in the garden of contemplation [an actual place, not a cheesy metaphor].
called real estate about shop. susan is very excited by the idea, but if she goes to macau for 3 months then it might not happen. that would be ok too, i suppose.


Blogger rhymes with pony said...

mmm cheesy metaphors

9:12 PM  
Blogger Pertwang said...

We have bottled wine this week. The Rose (rosay aye?) is beaut and would go well with cheesy metaphors.

2:09 PM  
Blogger wolfgang & vincent said...

ah the q! it's been a while, nice to visit you in blogland, nice polar bear action. snowflakes are on the wall and they look very pretty indeed. we need to talk about sellin out...speak soon x

5:41 PM  
Blogger little nemo said...

yes, I'm available before 12.30am most days until the 8th of August.

9:05 PM  

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