Wednesday, July 13, 2005


aha, a gif without artefacts.
today I figured out how to make a badge using my tiny polar bears. The polar bears are too large to fit into the little test tubes i use for the other pins. I was looking at my new watch glasses and realised that they would be perfect if i could somehow make a frame. i thought that if i made it out of perspex i could glue the pin on and fit the watch glasses relatively easily. there are a number of other interesting tiny animals that this approach could be applied to. giraffes, monkeys, ligers...

i might open a shop. my friend susan and i have been discussing it, we like the idea.

i won my ebay auction the other day. i'm more inclined to see the person getting my money as the winner...


Blogger hell said...

from here its a gif with nuthin but blue blue blue.

open a shop, i like the idea, i'll come and sit with you and a coffee and while away the hours. sell sell sell.


5:25 AM  
Blogger little nemo said...

that's odd. it worked on matt's dial up connection. you may have to wait a wee minute... i send you badge soon.

12:15 AM  
Blogger rhymes with pony said...

works here. excellent work. yes open a shop, i would volunteer 5 hours work in it. you could sell all manner of things in it like when we played shops when we were little *reminisces*

4:02 AM  
Blogger hell said...

i played shops too, but being the last house on the road, no custom... selling things back to mum...

11:57 AM  
Blogger Pertwang said...

You could be the Bernard Black of Melbourne?

2:21 PM  

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