Friday, February 25, 2005

pointy land

Originally uploaded by little nemo in slumberland.
this is the view from the bridge from the paradise resort to west street. most of west street seems to have been rebuilt in the 80's to resemble the touristic ideal of a picturesque chinese town, although it sounds terrible it's actually quite appealing. most of the western tourist activity is concentrated on western street, where the cafes all have absurd names and they serve the finest in international backpacker cuisine; i had banana and yoghurt pancakes at the twin peaks cafe, the english breakfast at the stone roses, dumplings at dynasty of dumplings and a burrito at the green lotus. Because it was so cold [2C] and we were surrounded by europeans and north americans in coats and beanies, it felt like we were in some strange ski-village. The advantage of concentrating most of the tourist activity in one street is that the rest of the town felt relatively normal, which made me wonder if i had an ethical obligation to eat on western street in order to preserve the rest of the town from becoming as warped.


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